How Are Cork Board Made?

Corkboards are the kind of the boards which make use of the special kind of the bark known as the cork. The name of the cork board is also from the name of the cork tree. This kind of the tree is surrounded by the bark and the people harvest it by peeling it off from the tree. This procedure does not damage the tree in any aspect and does not even have any effects on the life span of the tree which is around 200 years for a healthy normal cork tree. The cork tree keeps on producing the bark even after it has been harvested. It takes the oak tree a period of nine to ten years to reproduce the bark. This quality among many others make the cork bark very suitable for the manufacturing of many things such as the pin boards in Melbourne.

What are the features of the cork?

The cork is said to have very sustainable properties and other kind of the unique properties. It was used in the insulation of the cold places such as the storage rooms and it is still used in today’s era where these are manufactured in the form of the sheets to insulate a room. Along with this the corkboards are made from this which make use of the cork in the form of the granules.

What are the properties of the cork?

The origin of the cork bark is the Mediterranean region more specifically in Spain and Portugal. There are certain natural properties of this and some of these include the dampening properties which make it a very good shock absorber and it has the properties to regain the shape due to its elasticity properties. It has natural insulation properties as well.

What are the possible use of the cork?

As mentioned earlier the cork is used in the manufacturing of the corkboards and these corkboards are used in the flooring or when there is a need to insulate the floors. Not only these could be used on the floors but could also be used in the walls. The corks are also used in manufacturing the lid of the wine bottles. The corkboards are also used in the shoe so that these are good at absorbing the moisture. If you are aiming to develop a room which is somewhat sound proof or reduce the sound from coming in, then the corkboards insulation is a good option. The corkboards are also used in many projects of the arts and crafts. The problem due to which the cork is now less used in the winery industry is that it has been suspected that it affects the taste of the wine.